We will undertake housekeeping of entire area and the job will include the following:

  • Daily cleaning of all doormats, carpets.
  • Daily cleaning of glass.
  • Cleaning of all the counters.
  • Cleaning and up keeping of office.
  • Daily care of wooden furniture, metal fixtures.
  • Reporting of all the maintenance for the rectifications.
  • Daily vacuuming, sweeping and moping of all sections and restrooms.
  • Daily scrubbing, squeezing and cleaning of pantry, back of the store area.
  • Cleaning of all chairs, tables, glass, window glass and telephone as per schedule.
  • Weekly cleaning of all surfaces as per schedule.
  • Periodic cleaning of all surfaces as per schedule.
  • Assisting costumer in the store.
  • Any other job as and when assigned by the officials.


We will be providing all requisite cleaners, materials, chemicals etc. All of which eco-friendly and enzyme based conforming to the international standards.


At White Gloves Facility Services, We realize that our work is a direct reflection on your image. The management of your company had worked very hard and spent a big amount of money to create the “LOOK AND FEEL” of your company environment. We know that your company trust on your Housekeeping Company to enhance and preserve its appearance and ambience. We also know our future success depends on your consistent satisfaction.

At White Gloves Facility Services our objective is to accommodate your cleaning Needs. Our cleaning expertise and labor management technique can provide verity of options for your customized cleaning schedule. We are focused on job in hand and we would like to do it with satisfaction.

Based on our experience in the cleaning industry. We know that quality control is the key to customer satisfaction. Hence, we have long recognized the importance of quality of service that we provide must be in line with the requirement of international cleaning concept.